domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009

Foiled Sleep

Ah me! I cannot sleep at night;
And when I shut my eyes, forsooth,
I cannot banish from my sight
The vision of her slender youth.

She stands before me lover-wise,
Her naked beauty fair and slim,
She smiles upon me, and her eyes
With over fierce desire grow dim.

Slowly she leans to me. I meet
The passion of her gaze anew,
And then her laughter, clear and sweet,
Thrills all the hollow silence through.
O, siren, with the mocking tongue!
O beauty, lily-sweet and white!
I see her, slim and fair and young.
And ah! I cannot sleep tonight.

2 comentarios:

Zvesdochka (estrellita) dijo...

I cannot sleep my nigths
When my whole being cries...

Kárhol, ligth of my life, fire of my bowels, sin mine, soul mine...

Did you really forget me?

Zvesdochka (estrellita) dijo...

:) pasa por mi blog, querida!